Why He’s Not Texting You Anymore? Here Are the Main Reasons

Text messaging is one of the most common ways of communicating to your friends, family, workmates, partner, and to almost everyone as long as you have their phone number. It is also true that texting has affected the process of dating as well as love.
If you were asked how many SMS you send him each day, what would be your answer? Even though texting someone is one of the ways to show your interest, there are still some rules that you need to follow in order to keep the other person interested in you.
If you have been talking or texting with this guy regularly and he suddenly stopped texting you, do not let your friends get your hopes up by telling you that this guy is just busy and he has no time to grab his phone, does not see the messages, or does not like texting. The truth is he always checks his phone. Here are the main reasons why he does not answer your text messages anymore.
There could be one or more reasons why he’s not texting you anymore. Here are the main five.

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