Weight Loss: What is Allowed to Eat for a Nighttime Snack?


There might be thousands of reasons that can make us feel hungry before going to bed. What is better: trying to be tough and resist the temptation, or surrender it and line your stomach with forbidden foods? Well, neither the first nor the second: there is a simple and easy way not to go to extremes.

You can avoid waking up hungry at night and feeling like a snack if you simply have it – though not in the middle of the night, but one hour or 30 minutes before bed. Find out what exactly and how much you can eat as a healthy evening snack.

Sliced Turkey


Turkey is one of the best foods for a light and peaceful evening meal. Turkey is rich in top-grade protein and mind-numbing tryptophan, which triggers your body to generate “sleep-promoting” substances: serotonin and melatonin. Two slices of turkey are only about 100 calories, which is just enough for a healthy night snack. Turkey is generally low in fat, but if you want as fewer calories as possible, choose a breast, which is the less caloric part of the turkey.

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