True Fans of “Game of Thrones” Should Share These 15 Precious Secrets

The tremendous television show has finally come to an end, but the interest to it has not. Below is the list of 15 interesting details about “Game of Thrones” that many viewers had no idea before now.

Warning: this post contains minor spoilers of “Game of Thrones”

The Word “Hodor” Can Be Pronounced in 70 Different Ways

At least, Christian Nairn, who performed the role of concise leviathan, insists on this. His text stood out for having just one word in it, and more specifically – his name. That was, probably, why this word became a world for him. Christian believes that there might be a merry Hondor, a wicked Hondor, a depressed Hondor, a snoopy Hondor and even sexy Hondor. And now, when the Google Play invented a Hondor keyboard, it became possible to have a talk to this bizarre character.

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