These 9 Innocent Foods Can Damage Your Smile

White teeth are very important: they increase your self-confidence and help to communicate making a good impression on everyone you meet. But not all of us are aware of the fact that some foods can be very damaging for our pearly whites. Have a look at the below listing of things you have to avoid if your smile means a lot to you.


Not too many people can live without coffee: it is lovely, refreshing and exhilarant drink that is full of flavor and even fights cancer. Recently scientists discovered a few new benefits of this amazing drink, but on the minus side, it is not too good for our teeth. Unfortunately, the acidic polyphenols contained in coffee can discolor and blacken them. If we want healthy teeth, it looks like we should drink it less, and, moreover, avoid eating acidic things (like sugar or wheat) after that as this combination promotes faster deterioration.

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