The Most Effective Remedies Against Acne

Clean the Skin with Oil

Despite the fact that many people believe oil skin cleansing is distrust and skepticism, especially owners of oily and problem skin, facial cleansing oil has a number of advantages.
This versatile tool can be used by everyone, regardless of age, skin type, season and weather. The oil deeply cleanses the skin, moisturizes and nourishes. No wonder it is used in Korean funds. They propose to remove the most persistent BB with oil mixtures.
Olive oil is suitable for home use. It can be mixed with other oils.
Cleansing involves 3 steps:
1. Warms the oil up a little and lightly steams the skin (moistened face with hot water).
2. A small amount of the oil mixture poured into your palm and gently hand rubbed into the skin. Massage should take at least 2 min, and then the oil on the face is still left with ~ 30C.
3. Flannel cloth should be wetted in hot water (38-40oC) and use it to gradually remove the excess oil from the skin.

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