Swimming in These Natural Spots Can Be Very Risky

Swimming is one of the best recreational activities you can imagine. Your bones and muscles get an important exercise, and your nervous system – a reset, all of which is vital for your health. In addition, swimming helps you to get away from your gadgets, which day by day make your life more and more dependable on them.

An open air swimming is amazing, and everyone knows that it is much better for your health than indoor aquatics. Nevertheless, you cannot swim everywhere, even if you are next to a seemingly nice lake, or river, or ocean. Swimming in some places can be extremely risky, and even sometimes fatal. After you find out about these places from this article, make sure to avoid them at all costs!

The Boiling Lake in Dominica

Names are usually justified, so think about it when you hear the name Boiling Lake. If you are in this area, it is probably enough just to take a look around and see. The lake is in the middle of the isolated volcanic area that belongs to one of national parks of Dominican Republic.

The water is 82-92 C along the lake’s edges, and the center’s temperature is pretty difficult to measure – nobody dares to get there: it is much hotter than a pool size Jacuzzi. The lake’s water is filtered through the volcanic magma, and this boiling pot is able to poach an egg in a few seconds, and you should watch not to overcook it.

Bubbly Creek in Chicago area, USA

You will be better off, if you take a good view of the environments when you are next to this piece of Chicago River. It does not take much time to notice that the creek is stinking, especially in hot summer day when you think of swimming.

The creek stinks because it collects all the waste that is streaming from surrounding industrial areas. Most of the runoff is technical garbage, soaps, detergents, sewage from toilets, and all that stuff. If you still dare to step inside of this horrible mishmash, do not do it without writing your suicide note beforehand.

Samaesan Hole in Thailand

Swimming and diving in Thailand is a dream of many folks. This exotic country abounds with the most amazing beaches in the world. But think twice, if you happen to be next to Samaesan Hole.

This is due to the fact that visibility of this 90 meters deep hole is one of the poorest on our planet: you can see nearly nothing even not far from the surface. Moreover, there is a very strong current right on the spot, and huge oil tankers dodge about the area.

Eagle’s Nest Sinkhole in Florida, USA

This mysterious subaquatic cave attracts hundreds of divers from everywhere to witness its beauty. As soon as daring explorers get inside of this magnetic sinkhole, they are lured deeper and deeper by underwater glory until the trap is shut. Tricky labyrinths of mesmerizing cave confuse divers till exhaustion, and every year many of them find their end among fascinating sea flora and fauna.

The number of deaths in this spot made local authorities to bar the site and put signs above and below the water about the danger to dive there. You are warned.

Amazon Basin in South America

Our planet has plenty other beautiful but concealing danger places. One more of them is the Amazon Basin. Even the smallest Amazon tributary is awash with deadly predators who are just waiting when you become their next dish.

The list of names of these dangerous creatures can last forever, and it is actually not of big importance who exactly may cause your death. You will not care in your grave, if you were eaten by alligator, or barracuda, or piranhas. Think about it, when you take an adventure tour to Amazon “heaven”.

The Horseshoe Lake in California, USA

A lakeside family outing may sound a good idea, on the assumption that the Horseshoe Lake is not on your list. The lake area is surrounded by enormous amount of carbon dioxide, or just CO2.

A huge release of this invisible deadly gas was caused by number of small earthquakes that killed all flesh in the region. If you have not noticed numerous signs about the lake’s danger, which are put everywhere, the dead flora and fauna next to the lake must get your attention and put on the alert.

Lake Rio Tinto in Spain

If water color of this lake does not stop your desire to swim, have a look at its bright orange shores and try to feel the danger and uncertainty in your bones. If you are able to do that, it will certainly save your life. If not – your body would be dissolved in a few minutes thanks enormous volume of poisonous substances concentrated in the lakes’ waters.

This sparkling red color of water is caused by hazardous chemicals that are spilled into it from the nearby old mine. Keep away from this area, if you want to stay alive.

The Ganges River in India

On the one hand, industrialization can be seen as a positive side of the coin: the level of economy, technology and healthcare is much better than before, and our lifestyles are as well. But, probably, not in India, where not all people can afford to have a home and even a bathroom. Try to figure out, where they take their baths and showers?

What is more, a lot of production areas run their wastes into the river. So, when you are next to the Ganges, do not follow the example of those who can be justified by not having their own shelter.

Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA

The Colorado River waters look pretty innocent next to the Hoover Dam, but if you fall to temptation to swim there, you will be taken into custody for that. The reason is that this area is prohibited for entrance, so the authorities have every right to do what they promise on their signs.

They just want us to stay away from the danger since the Dam opens and closes its gates without any timetable and warning, so you can be pulled into one of its huge reservoirs in seconds! If you do not want it to be the last tube that you see in your life, pass by the area without stopping.

The Gulf Coast on the border of USA and Mexico

On the first face the Gulf Coast looks like a nice holiday place: sandy beaches, warm water and nice weather – just precisely what you usually need for a seaside vacation.

Just bear in mind that local weather is highly seasonal, and seasons that you should mostly avoid are hurricane season and snake season. Yes, you can share local waters with rattlesnakes that like swimming there sometimes. And one more thing: do not forget that you will be on the border of the countries which lead a cat and dog life.

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