Known and Hidden Sources of Caffeine

Lots of people cannot start their days without grubbing a cup of strong aromatic coffee. While science has found some benefits in moderate consumption of caffeine-rich drinks and foods, there is also evidences that this produce may pose unnecessary risks to your body.

Ready-to-eat cereals

You don’t have to worry about caffeine content in your breakfast if you prefer whole grains. However, those who eat ready-to-eat cereals should be aware of the fact that this highly processed food may supply you with a bit of caffeine. 3/4 cup of Cocoa Pebbles, for example, has about 1 mg of caffeine.


Although dark chocolate is rich in essential nutrients and gives a powerful boost to your body, it also contains caffeine. However, you shouldn’t be that bothered about it: you don’t eat dark chocolate in tons and your daily 10 g dose of joy contains only about 8 mg of caffeine.

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