Follow These 7 Strategies to Cope with Being Apart

Being in love is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Spending most of the time together is great, but not always possible: once in a while life creates circumstances when you have to spend some time apart from each other. When this happens, you start missing your sweetheart and often get sad and emotional. Coping with involuntary separation is undeniably challenging, but such periods might be a bit more bearable if you try to take home the following mental and behavioral strategies.

Re-reading Your Conversations

It is a rare woman who does not save screenshots of flirty and cute messages of her sweetheart. The very first ones are usually especially lovely and heartwarming. They remind you of the exciting times when you just started your relationship. It is never enough to look at them over and over again. Going through your messaging history is another way of calling to mind the most touching or funny exchanges you had days or months ago. Re-reading your recent and past conversations may become not only the most pleasant pastime, but might also give you the sensation of his presence – as if you are talking to him in waking.

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