Deserted Locations That Can Be Used in Horror Movies

We all like visiting beautiful and well maintained places which are cleaned and looked after by armies of care takers. But there are some people who admire the abandoned areas and objects that are left to the nature design.

The below notes are about a few most neglected places on our planet. Though most of them are truly ugly, local authorities take their time to remove these objects from the areas they should take care of. Let’s have a look at them while they are still there.

Hirta in Scotland

This place was once a home to the whole village that lived on the profound chunk of land until the 1930s. The village dwellers decided to leave their lofty perches because of political change in the area.

They were doing it gradually, and finally in August 1933 the last couple of residents brought themselves to leaving their comfort zone too. More than 80 years passed since then, but nobody returned to the place yet. As you can see, the stone houses are still here, though not all of them look untouched. If someone is living in Hirta now, it looks like not all is lost for it.

Dome Houses on Marko Island, Florida

These ugly structures covered with mold, rust and seaweed look like crashed into water UFOs. As a matter of fact, they served as a summer residence to a resigned oil producer. They were built in 1981 as eco-friendly self-reliant escape on the Marco Island coast, Florida.

Unfortunately, these domelike houses were struck by hurricane, and now they are left like that, not cared and not repaired. And there were so eco-friendly intentions…

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