A Regular Can of WD-40 May Help You in 20 Different Ways

You might be surprised to know that having an ordinary WD-40 bottle in your household can save you from many headaches and will be one of your best assets for your routine housekeeping. Keep reading to find out how WD-40 can make your life easier by killing relentless spots in your grill, oven, bathroom and fabrics, waterproofing your outdoor clothing and help in lots of other interesting ways.

Cleaning Out Crayon Spots

The problem of stubborn crayon spots is quite popular among all the parents. Fortunately, if you have WD-40 around, it will assist you in getting out of this needless trouble. To restore your clothing, first apply a small amount of dishwashing solution onto the spot, and then – the WD-40 itself. In a few minutes you can wash it out in usual way. It is even easier with wall crayon stains which can be quickly removed by spraying WD-40 and wiping the mess away.

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