8 Advantages of Using Banana Peels

After eating a banana we usually try to get rid of its peels – and the sooner, the better. Most of us think of peels as of unnecessary stuff that is not of much help, and only may be good for composting. In point of fact, a peel of banana might be a pretty useful thing that can help you in many interesting, surprising and totally natural ways.
Have you known how useful might be a common banana peel?

All over the world people eat tons of bananas daily. Given that banana peel is about 12% of its weight, this amounts to considerable volumes of additional garbage. Only in America, for example, humans eat 304 bananas each second, which comes down to a yearly figure of 3.2 billion pounds.

This only worsens a greenhouse effect that has to be controlled, if we want to prevent our planet from disaster. By changing your attitude to banana peels and using them for a great number of beneficial purposes you can fight global warming and contribute to the common good. So, before throwing a banana peel away, keep in mind that it can assist you with the following:

Natural nourishment for roses

Roses are one of the most delicate and romantic beauties of our planet. No wonder that many people like growing them in their gardens and would love these miraculous flowers to bloom again and again. It is easy make this happen through the use of the most natural stuff being old faithful banana peels. Do not be afraid to nourish your roses with them: they break down pretty quickly and strengthen the soil next to your plants with potassium, magnesium, calcium and other micronutrients. This is just your roses need most for repetitive blooming.

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