7 Best Exercises That You Can Do Anywhere

Are you looking for ways to stay fit without going to the gym? Whether you want to exercise in your room, work place, garden, or street, these are the 7 best exercises that you can do anywhere you are. There is no need to go to gym to stay healthy and fit!


Doing push-ups is one of the effective ways to keep your body in shape. Performing at least 10 to 15 push-ups a day can maintain the strength of your upper body. Since this exercise does not require you to carry dumbbells or other equipment, you can do it anywhere you are, even in the park!
If you do not have enough strength yet to carry your body weight, you can drop your knees and start pushing. You can also do the traditional, knees-on-the-floor method. Combine it with wall push-ups, decline push-ups, and other push-up exercises.


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