7 Basic Principles of Clean Eating

Eating clean is the concept that emphasizes whole, healthy, and unprocessed foods. It is also recommended by most public health organizations to achieve wellness and good health. This process is more than just a diet. It is considered as a lifestyle that has to be included in your daily routine.
Clean eating means consuming real, whole foods, and a variety of fruit, vegetables, including whole grains. There should be moderate amounts of dairy, seafood, lean meats, nuts, healthy oils and seeds. It also means that one should limit sugars, unhealthy saturated fats, salt, and processed foods.
Like going back to the basics, the clean eating concept becomes more developed and refined. Here are the seven basic principles of clean eating today.

Eat Whole, Natural Foods and Reduce or Eliminate Processed Foods.

When it comes to clean eating, it is best to eliminate or reduce the consumption of processed foods as they contain chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies. Make sure that the foods that you consume everyday are fresh.

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