5 Powerful Herbs Able to Fight Pain in Joints

Pain in joints might be explained by different factors starting from injury and ending by bursitis. It may also be triggered by some illness such as flu, hepatitis or mumps. We have 6 types of joints in our bodies that may be influenced by certain health conditions. And if our joints are affected, our everyday life often becomes much more difficult than before.

Prescribed medicine and OTC may reduce painful sensations, though most of these drugs is accompanied by various adverse effects and may not agree with other medications. It is more preferable to start with milder forms of pain treatment and then experiment with more powerful stuff if needed. Fortunately, there are always herbs that come to help us in a difficult situation.

Herbs are the most natural remedies which, compared to chemical drugs, do not create any side effects and successfully fight plenty of negative health conditions such as pain and inflammation. Let’s take a closer look at 5 the most efficient herbs that are able not only to minimize inflammation and aching joints but also boost immune system and improve general health. Some of them might be luckily found in your household.

The Reason is Inflammation

Inflammation is a complicated process that can both harm and help. It is our body’s reaction to injury or infection when it tries to cut off affected and healthy areas from each other. This way it fights harmful invaders, and this ability is a critical component of treatment. The process might be compared to inflammation you have after work-out: this is how your muscles gain strength and flexibility.

Anyway, this is different to chronic inflammation that accompanies nearly each and every illness. If a chronic inflammation is not managed, it becomes more harmful than helpful and creates pain that needs separate treatment. Taking heaps of synthetic drugs is no good for anybody. Most of herbs we will be talking about today are able to manage both inflammation and pain.

Aloe Vera

Lots of us keep some Aloe Vera around – thanks to its ability to help treat sunburns and small skin scratches. You’ll be surprised to learn that aloe is capable of much more than that: it has more than 75 powerful components and all of them can help us in one way or another. Emodin and aloin, for example, have an analgesic effect and relive from pain. Other Aloe Vera elements have anti-inflammatory abilities.

This is why this plant is so helpful for soothing joint pain. Apply Aloe Vera gel onto affected areas gently massaging it for better absorption. If would be better, if you use products that have a certification of the International Aloe Science Council. Generic brands are not as good as the certified ones: they have much less amount of aloe and may include ingredients that were damaged in the course of processing.

Some special Aloe Vera products can be used orally. This can be juices or capsules, whatever you find or prefer. Juices can be mixed with other liquids, this way you can create different shakes and smoothies each day. Bear in mind, that if you are on laxatives, diuretics or diabetic pills, you should consult your doctor before starting consuming aloe.


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