10 Household Utensils with Surprising Purpose

Holes at Hands of Kitchen Utensils

If you do not spend much time at your kitchen, you might not notice that lots of cocking utensils like pans or pots have holes at the end of their handles. The smartest of us can guess that holes are usually made in things with the purpose to hang them. Some kitchens have lots of space and special fixtures on their walls for hanging various cooking tools such as scissors, tongs, pizza cutters as well as pans and pots. It is extremely popular in professional places, where chefs use many other tricks unknown to amateurs.

One of these tricks refers to additional way of using a pan hole. When chefs stir the pan contents, they do not want to leave the stirring spoon inside of the pan or put it on the kitchen top – they slide it into the hole. It is a very convenient and allows you to leave your top clean. This maneuver is worth trying: it will save your time, coking efforts and impress your guests.


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