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Jeans Buttons

If you prefer jeans to any other clothes, you are familiar with numbers of buttons scattered all over your pants, sometimes only around pockets, sometimes in other peculiar places. You are, probably, got used to the feature that makes jeans to be what they have so successfully become: ever trendy and comfortable piece of clothing. The correct name of these buttons is rivets, because, even if they resemble buttons, they are placed on jeans for another reason. Rivets are strategically put in necessary places to reinforce seams and prevent jeans from ripping. We value jeans not only for their appearance, but for their functionality, so they have to be strong and capable of enduring stress.

You will not want anything unpredictable to happen just in the middle of your activities, especially when you are not alone or far from home. For your information, the idea about rivets came to the first manufacturer of blue jeans Levi Strauss back in 1829, when he was looking for ways to strengthen jeans for miners who were dissatisfied with their weak wear resistance.


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