10 Household Utensils with Surprising Purpose

Do you know the purpose of gas meter arrows or extra fabrics attached to your clothes’ seems? If you think that they are of no importance and reading this stuff is a waste of time, you are dead wrong. As a matter of fact, many household objects that we all handle day by day hide cunning secrets and tricks. For some unknown reason makers of these items presume that the intended purpose of these features is quite obvious and does not need any explanations.

Well, there is one of two options: either we are getting stupid or our manufactures are getting cleverer. If you want to reject this statement, you would rather find out about the “palpable” purpose of features and fixtures that you encounter in your everyday life.

Dips in Bottles

Have you ever paid attention to a pretty noticeable dip at the bottom of the wine bottle? The dip is more apparent when a bottle is empty, looks a bit funny and makes us wonder about its purpose. Well, it is made for a few reasons, and the first of them is that the bottle becomes a bit more stable and will not flop over because of the wind if you take it with you on a family outing. Just for your guidance, those who make bottles call this dip a kick-up or a punt, and they always check that all wine bottles are made this way.

It is especially important for bottles with sparkling wines, which should be thick, tough and able to hold up a high pressure. In addition, a punt helps steam to be better distributed within a bottle when you clean it, thus assuring spotless insides.


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